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The visual studio certificate expired and a new one was created, creating the need to re-install the game - it won't update itself from 1.1.1 to 1.2

This is a text based RPG I worked on to cement what knowledge I have of C#, learn more about the language, and solidify game theory and design knowledge.

This project is coded in C#.

Introducing - The Chronicles of Asku : The Risen


Introducing - The Chronicles of Asku : The Risen

Update 4 - A Final Foray


The Master of the tower awaits. This is your final foray. Your final adventure. The secrets of Asku lay at your finger tips and all you must do is claim it. What do you say brave hero? Will you fight or falter? This is the final fight!


Introducing - The Chronicles of Asku : The Risen

Update 3 - Battle in the Tower


You have killed the Arena Master and now you must venture further into the Tower. There is some great evil that lays within, yet there are many obstacles between you and your objective. The tower poses many threats yet before it even has a chance to fall to your hands. Will you be able to overcome your next trials? Both emotional and physical ones await. Will you conquer or fall forever to your doom? The choice is yours hero.

Introducing - The Chronicles of Asku : The Risen 
Update 2 - Discovering the Tower

Deep within the forest surrounding the town of Abuka and the city of Asku, there is a tower. This tower is an ancient fortress that the king of Asku would entertain guest and use for defensive purposes. However, in the years that follow the death of the Shade that haunted the forest, a dark presence has taken hold of the tower. The tower must be cleansed of evil, one painful step at a time.

Introducing - The Chronicles of Asku : The Risen 
Update 1 - Into the Forest

A dark power grows in the east, an evil is stirring in the forest that surround King Drake's tomb. The tomb has been purged of evil, but the necromancer has escaped. During his presence Abuka, the necromancer attracted powerful and evil forces to the forest, corrupting the trees and the very ground itself. As the hero of Abuka, the one who purged evil from the former king's tomb, it is your job to venture into this forest, and defeat whatever power has taken residence there. This is your finest hour. Save the forest or lose the country to evil forever...




Hello, my name is Ryan Twohey and I am the lead developer and designer on The Chronicles of Asku: The Risen, a text based RPG. I am also one of the founders of a very small indie studio called DarkTide Productions. At DarkTide Productions we value good games above everything else, and that's sort of what brought about The Chronicles of Asku: The Risen. Personally, I've always wanted to develop my own game, and a text based game seemed extremely interesting. So when I had the opportunity to make my own game, it was only natural that I chose this project. I had a back story in mind for months before hand, one that I have been developing for novels and other such creative writing endeavors. I enjoyed the world that I've been creating, so I thought "why not" when deciding where this game should take place. However, this game is only a very small taste of the vast fantasy world that's been in the works.

You'll start off as a war hero from the civil war of the country Asku. The old king was put to rest in quite a large and luxurious tomb. The new king, Samil, still has enemies from his time as an assassin and the time he spent leading the civil war. One of these enemies is a truly cunning necromancer, with a great master plan. In this game, he travels to the fallen king's tomb and brings the king back to life, but not fully. The fallen king is now a very dangerous undead, but still has his thoughts and memories intact. He had several close friends and allies (or supposed allies) buried in his tomb with him. As the hero, Samil tasks you with the quest of fighting your way through the king's tomb and ridding it of evil. While you have the obvious task of putting the fallen king and his allies back to rest, you have a more urgent and underlying task throughout the game, find out who is behind the resurrection and eliminate him or her.

Now that you know enough of the story to get into the game, I'll talk about its systems and features. While I thought it'd be cool to design my own text based game, I thought the current ones available were overly complicated and had a lack of direction for new players. I also never seemed to figure out the point of continuing to play after the story was beaten, unless it was a MUD (which this is unfortunately not). To combat these problems, I designed my game to be both simple to use and have a lot of content (for a text based game) for the player to complete after the story is finished.

The Charm is in the Simplicity

As you can see, the combat system is easy to understand and use, and so is the navigation system. This enables someone new to the genre (like I was) to easily jump into the game and figure out what to do without spending hours of research just to figure out how to move or attack something.

The Itemization

Ah, itemization. A crucial part to any RPG on the market (free or paid for). The itemization in The Chronicles of Asku: The Risen is relatively simple, but enough to keep the player engaged in the game for a nice amount of time. All mobs will drop a currency called gold. This gold has a few uses, one of them being buying armor and weapons in the shop. Every 5 levels, a new set of items is unlocked. For example, once I hit level 15 on a character, I can buy the level 15-19 armor set. This includes a sword which increases my attack points (the first option on the battle menu). A staff which increases my magic attacks (the second battle option). An amulet which increases my character's total health. A healing tome which increases the healing output of my character (the third battle option). Lastly (though its listed first in the store) is armor. Armor reduces incoming damage. If you'll bear with me, I'll list my damage formula for mobs: mobDamage = mobDamage - (myHero.armor * .10) ... What does this mean? The mob's damage is a random number from its base damage range, and then 10% of your armor value is subtracted from the mob's damage. Here's an example: Suppose the mob's randomly generated damage is 5000, and your armor is 200. This means mobDamage = 5000 - (200 * .1). so mobDamage = 4980. So your character comes out taking 20 less damage than they would if they had no armor at all. So when your character has a high enough armor value, it may prove to be useful (the highest armor value in the game is 22,000).

Now, I mentioned that for receiving items the store as being one route, however, it doesn't yield the best armor for a level range. Killing bosses will yield the best items. During the leveling game, (King Drake's Tomb), the bosses have a 1/5 (20%) chance of dropping each specific item. That means the first time you kill that boss, he's guaranteed to drop a piece that you can use (unless you already have better items from later in the game). However, by the time you're going for the last piece of gear, there's a 4/5 chance he'll drop something that you already have (80%) chance. This means that for each piece of gear you receive, it becomes less likely that you'll receive your next needed piece. This is to give a sense of immediate reward and progression, while prolonging the time needed by each new piece. This ensures that the game isn't readily tossed aside as quickly, while at the same time rewarding the player.

Ok, so I've covered the loot drops from bosses in the leveling game. There's a catch though to the 1/5 drop rate. There is an endgame dungeon to be done after completing the storyline/leveling game. This is a level 50 only dungeon (50 is the level cap), and every other floor is a boss fight. Each boss still only drops 5 items. The difference is the drop rate though. End game bosses have a 1/6 (16.66% chance) to drop a specific item. That means that 16.66% of the time, the boss won't drop anything aside from gold. And by the time your character is going after their last piece, there's a 83.34% (5/6) chance that they won't receive the loot they want. End game loot is done this way because its optional and only for players that are dedicated to decking out their character in the best possible gear, or just seeing all the content that's been written out.

Endless Floor

Once you have beat the storyline and completely decked your character out in the best possible gear provided in the game, you'll be able to participate in the endless floor dungeon. This floor has absolutely no story associated with it what-so-ever. There is nothing to navigate at all. However, it does randomly generate various types of mobs for you to fight. These mobs have the chance to one shot you even in the best possible gear, but at least you'll have a chance to live. The point of this floor is to see how far you can get (how many mobs you can kill) before your luck runs out. This stat will be accessible from the "Display Stats" option on the main menu (discussed next).

Display Stats

For the hardcore or just people curious about their character's info, they can access the Display Stats option from the main menu. From here, you can view various information like your character's name, level, attack, health, etc. You can also view the bonuses to each of your character's core stats from the gear you have obtained. You can also see your death count and how far you've gotten in the endless floor (survival count).

The Inn

The Inn is in the game for two reason. First, because the start of the story requires you to take your character to the inn before you can do anything else as part of the introduction to the story. Secondly, it allows you to buy fluff items (food, wine, bear) for a certain amount of gold if you want to RP (Role Play).

The Content

Even though I'm the lead developer and arch story writer, I've had some help with the game. I've had code contributions and ideas from other programmers and family members. I've also had help writing out the content with each individual dungeon floor. The head writer for this is Christine Oser, and she has done a marvelous job writing out all these floors. Without her, the project would most likely still be in alpha testing instead of being released with the vast amount of content that it has. With that being said, I'd like to flip the floor over to her so she can describe her experiences with the game.

In The Chronicles of Asku: The Risen, I tried to make the experiences on each floor different for the player so they would not grow bored of the same content. The player can choose which path or direction they want to take on the current floor, giving them a couple of different experiences to battle through each time that floor is played. I hope you enjoy the game!

The Wrap Up

Well, I think that covers everything! Thank you for taking interest in my game, and I hope you enjoy it! This game has spent six and a half months in development and I've invested a lot of time into this game and so has Christine. We appreciate it when anyone takes an interest in the work we've done. With all that said, no game is perfect upon release. It can be beta tested till all the testers go blue in the face, but there's no way they can catch everything. If you find any problem with the game (bugs, difficulty - too easy or hard, or anything else), feel free to contact me at and I'll do my best to address your feedback and concerns in various patches or updates.

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