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The Chronicles of Asku The Risen Version 1.4

This is an older release. Please see the latest click once release.
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Released: Feb 2, 2013
Updated: Dec 21, 2014 by RyanTwohey
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Release Notes

The Chronicles of Asku


• Fixed text presentation issues for the boss battle: The Mayor
• Level 32 undead and villagers were proudly proclaiming they were level 33 instead. They have be reprimanded and won't do that anymore.
• On floor 19, the level 29 mobs were hiding. They've been forced to come out and play with the user.

The Chronicles of Asku


• Increased xp received from level's 16 to 30
• Fixed a gold assignment bug with chest on floor 18.
• Fixed displayed gold bugs across all floors with chest.

The Chronicles of Asku

• Fixed a bug on Asazi that caused it not to display your new sword stats on drop
• Fixed a bug on floor 16 where after looting a chest your gold isn't displayed properly
• Fixed a major fleeing bug across all non boss floors.

The Chronicles of Asku

• Fixed a rare bug that caused the game to crash on start up

The Chronicles of Asku


• Fixed some grammatical mistakes with boss fights

• Fixed a bug that caused the last boss to not appear, and instead, Liliean appeared
• Fixed a bug where the character's name wasn't properly displayed in a dialogue scene

Introducing - The Chronicles of Asku : The Risen
Update 1 - Into the Forest

A dark power grows in the east, an evil is stirring in the forest that surround King Drake's tomb. The tomb has been purged of evil, but the necromancer has escaped. During his presence Abuka, the necromancer attracted powerful and evil forces to the forest, corrupting the trees and the very ground itself. As the hero of Abuka, the one who purged evil from the former king's tomb, it is your job to venture into this forest, and defeat whatever power has taken residence there. This is your finest hour. Save the forest or lose the country to evil forever...

The Chronicles of Asku


• The main menu interface has changed to compensate for the new area to the game
• Fixed some scaling issues with previous endgame bosses

• Added a forest end game area to the game! This area consist of 10 different locations, 5 of them are boss fights, 5 are regular areas!

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