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The Chronicles of Asku The Risen Version 3.1

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Released: Dec 8, 2013
Updated: Dec 10, 2013 by RyanTwohey
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Release Notes

The Chronicles of Asku


• When Nel'roth talks to you before fighting him, he didn't properly speak your name. He's had a talking too and now will identify you as he should.
• Argoth claimed he was "Hooded Argoth." He's been scolded and now claims he's just "Argoth."
• In Area 3 of the forest, you were supposed to get gold before fighting a group of bandits. However, that was not the case. Fortunately, this has been corrected and you now get your bag of gold.
• Fixed a bug where after you fled in a battle, the enemy would still attack you. Also, you would get their loot (whether that just be gold and xp from normal mobs, or items, gold, and xp from bosses). Fleeing now works completely as intended

The Chronicles of Asku


• Buffed Arena Master's damage
• Made it easier to get loot from bosses in endgame content (the Endgame Dungeon, the Forest, and the Tower). The bosses now only have a 1/6 chance to drop nothing at all instead of the 50% chance they had before. This should allow players to gear up quicker from these boss fights.

• Added Floor Three to the Tower!
• Added Floor Four to the Tower!

• Fixed a bug on the first tower floor that could allow a dead character to keep playing in a loop at one point.
• When the Arena Master (Tower Level 2) died and gave loot he tried claiming that he was the Spider Queen. He has had a talking to and has now agreed to acknowledge that he is indeed the Arena Master and not the Spider Queen.
• Brought Arena Master's loot back to where it should be. He was handing out loot with lower stats than he should have. He's been forced to hand out better loot for the player now.

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