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The Chronicles of Asku Beta v 0.1.1

This is an older release. Please see the latest click once release.
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Released: Aug 10, 2012
Updated: Aug 10, 2012 by RyanTwohey
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Release Notes

Welcome to beta! This will be a 3-4 week test of the game. It will consist of content updates to end game, patches to fix bugs, and of course, bug reports and/or suggestions on your part! You can submit a bug report at or you can email me at ! Also, this facebook post/forum thread is a viable means to submit bug reports and feed back! Specific feedback I'm looking for includes (but is not limited to): Gameplay, The dungeon set up, leveling speed, mob difficulty, boss fight difficulty, store gear, boss loot. Weeks 1-2 I want to focus on the leveling portion of the game. Weeks 3(-4) I want to focus on end game and item progression. If you provide any bug reports or feedback, you will get mentioned in the credits as a tester and/or idea contributor. Let me know what name you want displayed (first name, character name, forum name, etc).

The Chronicles of Asku
Beta 0.1


• During the final story boss fight, the boss name read "KingDrake" This has been fixed to read "King Drake"


• Fixed King Drake's health. It was set at 5,000 instead of 65,000 (which may be too high, it needs to be beta tested).

The Chronicles of Asku
Beta 0.0


• The game will now automatically update itself with new versions after this version of the client (or any later versions) is installed
• On the floor selection screen, a space was inserted between stuff like "TwentyOne" to read "Twenty One"
• Fixed a typo from "witha" to "with a" on floor 1.
• Fixed a typo with "Ragig infeno" to "Raging Inferno"
• Even though due to the error with scaling mobs, the player never encountered 30-40 mobs, they were scaled way too highly. They have been re-scaled to follow the previous progression method of +50 to all stats.
• Raised the Level Cap to 50! This is the final cap, no more raises! Finally here!
• Re-ordered the game menu while in town to make more sense
• Added credits to the game!
• Implemented a gold cap (1,000,000 gold)
• Added 2 new sets of gear for levels 45 and 50! The 50 gear is vastly superior to anything you've encountered before, and is necessary to kill King Drake. King Drake's gear will be necessary to kill the first endgame boss, etc. The level 50 gear cost 50,000 gold a pop, so you will need 250,000 gold
• Fixed some of the word cut off on screen issues. Not all.

• Fixed an error that once you kill something at the level cap, you get reverted back to level 30
• Fixed an issue where mobs didn't scale correctly on floors 21-24. Instead of leveling with the player from 30 - 40, they are stuck at level 25.

• Added Floor Twenty Six to the Tomb!
• Added Floor Twenty Seven to the Tomb!
• Added Floor Twenty Eight to the Tomb!
• Added Floor Twenty Nine to the Tomb!
• Added Floor Thirty to the tomb! The story is now complete! Hope you enjoy the ending!

Known Issues:
• Blank screens after pressing enter, then having to press enter again to move on
• If you don't choose a move during battle (attack, magic attack, heal, flee), the mob will damage you as you do nothing
• If you don't choose a specific option after choosing attack, magic attack, or heal, the text will read you perform for damage/heal.
• Text words getting split up in the console
• Game crashes if you try to load without first saving a character
• There is an issue with room selection on floor 2 of the tomb
• Fleeing counts as a death in your death counter (viewed under "display stats")
• Mobs don't have their heal point scaled properly across the levels. This is being looked into, but feedback and suggestions based on your experience would be appreciated
• The gold cap is currently only checked after a fight, so treasure chest/money bags ignore this. I will be going through the game looking for all treasure chest/money bags and implementing this
• After buying gear, or getting it from boss fights, you must first participate in a battle for the bonus stats to take effect (which wil

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